A Darker Shade of Grey

by Chris Martin

For as long as Man has gazed at the night sky in wonderment at the multitude of specks of light set in the heavens we now know to be stars shining in all their thermonuclear eternity, there at the back of his mind has always been that yearning, maybe even longing, to know if he is alone in this vast cosmos of creation.

That perennial unknowing, unknowingly underpinning ever technological advancement throughout history may one day lead us to confront that ultimate frontier and cross the abyss into a greater understanding of who we are and what we are. Will our assumed uniqueness be revealed to be nothing more than a fallacy generated through self deceit perpetuated by religious leaders and dogma and if this is found to be the case, can the collective consciousness of Mankind survive such a body blow to its fragile corporate identity?

Will the discovery of Man’s non uniqueness sound the death knell to all his ego satisfying achievements typified by western civilization and all its associated dubious offshoots? We as a species have thrived on the understanding that we – Homo Sapiens are the pinnacle of evolutionary creation, the ultimate expression of sentience. We revel in our superiority and mastery over every other life form on this planet. We plunder the finite resources of planet Earth with scant regard for the longer term consequences for our children and their children’s children. We live in the now, our objectivity blurred by the seemingly unquenchable thirst for consumerism and materialistic excess.

Even our fellow Man is not spared this onslaught of self gratification and avarice. Subjugation of those of differing ethnic origination pervades our quick fix culture. Cheap labor equates with profit equates with power which must also ultimately equate with domination. A bottomless class system inherently flawed which by virtue must surely widen the gap between the have and the have not’s.

We buy the products of our flawed society in more ways than one and by doing so we therefore propagate the increasing imbalance that threatens our existential future. Like demi-gods set on a collision course with a Hell of our own creating, our sights resolutely set on death or glory, in control but yet in total uncontrol. The red lights are flashing but is anybody looking? The thick denseness of our physical world and all it’s inherent pleasures and distractions detract us from the inescapable truths that we must all surely address if we are to collectively survive our own ecological and cultural nemesis. A runaway train heading toward oblivion. Carriage upon carriage, nation upon nation inescapably linked to one another and oblivious to the catastrophe that lies ahead. Relinquishing responsibility and accountability to a faceless political driver fervently stoking the furnace of damnation, hell bent upon reaching his destination. Armageddon.

Few question the validity of their own gut feelings, an uneasiness that refuses to budge. Dismissed as nonconformist or heretic at the very least, political insurrector or even madman at worst. Society spits out those of a differing voice with a venom of intolerance and fear.

We sit in our comfortable armchairs, spectators to the horrors of poverty and starvation as they unfold on our far eastern made television sets. Mouthing token platitudes as to the injustices in the world as we prepare our evening meals and drink our wine. These images disturb us, make us feel a little uneasy about ourselves and the perpetuation of our environmentally unsustainable lifestyles and yet we gloss over the uneasiness that these issues generate within us by turning our attention to “more important matters”.

The state of the stock market and share prices. Buying that new car that we have convinced ourselves we deserve even though it belches out even more carbon monoxide into our already over polluted atmosphere and consumes slightly more of our diminishing reserves of fossil fuel as well as fiscally entrapping us in an ever greater cycle of debt. Maybe the children need a bit more personal parental attention instead of sticking them in front of the television set to absorb more sublimated garbage. It’s all so easy, too easy not to think – to really think and feel and then maybe, just maybe, to act before there comes a time when it may be too late for actions to matter anyway.

Mankind has a tendency to lash out in unthinking violence, one only has to study the history books to come across example after example of mindless savagery perpetrated on individuals or entire cultures through acts of mass genocide. The parent who lashes out in anger at their unruly child is no better than the political leader who takes the decision to launch retaliatory air strikes upon a neighboring nation. Action without due thought is as potentially destructive as thought without due action. To accuse Mankind of being inherently aggressive is to slight the other half of our species – Womankind. Virtually all the barbaric acts of mindless aggression throughout the ages have been instigated by the male of our species. One could argue that this statistical aberration is purely a reflection of the inequality within our society than has limited the influence of women in positions of authority and power although I suspect that this hypothesis has more to do with male self denial than any element of truth. This is where I feel than the feminist movement has become increasingly flawed on a fundament level as they seek equality through increased independence, assertiveness and autonomy, they wish to emulate the very same flawed traits that hallmark the male dominance of this planet. Rather than having to metamorphose their psycho type into a kind of pseudo male, maybe it is the male of the species that should be considering altering their mindset to include some of the more desirable traits of Womankind.

Could it be that Man’s inherent aggression might be nothing more than hormonal, a kind of genetic signature ingrained in our DNA that predisposes us to irrational Testosterone induced outbursts of anger? However, it would be all too easy to relinquish responsibility for our actions and simply apportion blame on our genetic predisposition for violence. Is our species unique in the way in which aggression has foreshadowed our past and present or is there a universal innateness toward violence that is endemic to all highly evolved life forms? This is a difficult question to answer as obviously we only have ourselves as a template from which to extrapolate, but do we? However, to me it seems unlikely that any highly advanced species would survive much past its own nuclear watershed let alone advance to a level sophisticated enough to develop interstellar propulsion unless it had tamed its own self destructive tendencies.

It is therefore reasonably safe to assume going on this assumption that any extraterrestrial race that may be visiting planet Earth at this moment is unlikely to harbor the same war mongering tendencies that have characterized Mankind to date. But is it safe to therefore assume that any ET race capable of interplanetary travel must inherently be of a benign disposition and therefore of no threat to humanity?

To accept this assumption is, I believe, not only naive but also highly dangerous. Just because an alien race may not arrive on our planet armed to the teeth with laser disrupters or neutron bombs does not necessarily imply that they may not be an equally dangerous threat to us but only in far more covert and sublime a manner. One may draw an analogy of having to choose between being confronted with a foot soldier armed with a semi-automatic rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition or a stereotyped harmless absent-minded professor working in seclusion in his laboratory calculating equations for the construction of a 10 megaton thermo-nuclear atomic warhead. The foot soldier may appear to pose more of an immediate threat but in reality, the Oppenheimers of this world are the true riders of the apocalypse, the only difference being their legacy is a lexicon of death by numbers.

Now try to imagine an intellect comparable to Albert Einstein but multiplied by a factor of 10 or 50 or quite possibly even 100. Imagine the destructive potential that a being or group of beings might be capable of unleashing upon an unsuspecting population. I also suspect though that this destructive potential would not even be immediately perceived, but instead would be veiled beneath a carefully constructed and thinly disguised veneer of kindly benevolence and goodwill almost like the Veterinary surgeon patting the stray dog on the head and muttering “Good boy” before he administers the lethal injection. Assuming that there is an extraterrestrial race within our immediate vicinity at this moment, then would it be fair to assume that there may well be more than one ET race present? Judging from the proliferation of reports being received from all parts of the Occidental world and the diversity of entities described from these accounts, it may well be fair to assume that there are in actuality very many different types of entities involved in inter reactions with humans.

However, by far the most commonly reported alien type has now it seems in just a few short years, permeated our culture to such an extent that their image now adorns countless magazine covers and their symbol characterized by their oval featureless faces and black almond shaped eyes, has also become synonymous with the whole alien phenomenon. A cosmic logo selling the now acceptable friendly face of alienology to an ever widening mass market eager for a slice of the cosmic cake. A merchandiser’s dream come true, exploiting our desire for the “truth” in every conceivably profitable spin off. Their symbol sells cars, cereals, clothing, toys and even popular music and yet we blindly accept their assumed benevolence. We let our young children watch television programs like the Teletubbies with their contrived characters resplendent with large dark eyes and friendly dispositions unaware of the sublime acclimatization processes that are being served to them on a sweet, sickly platter. We buy replica blow-up dolls of them for our kids at Christmas time unaware of who or what we are accustoming our children to.

The rave music drug sub-culture has also adopted their image as a logo for events and live concerts, like minded, mind bending bedfellows that reach into the souls of individuals like an ecstatic cancer of the mind. They have become synonymous with the cult television series: The X Files, which exemplifies but ultimately dilutes their sinister and calculating covertness into a trite and sanitized glossy package. If the truth is out there then surely the truth is already ingrained in our mass psyche, stamping our very souls with their signature of falsehoods and empty promises. The technocratic space nerds have finally arrived in not so much an invasion fleet but rather more an infiltration of dazzling sublimation and manipulation into our collective subconscious. Our worst etheric nightmare made flesh. A Grey textured nightmare.

We would like to thank Christopher once again for writing such an excellent article. The Greys have been around for sometime now, and will probably be around for some time to come as far as research into the UFO subject is concerned. One of the major reasons for this is indeed the sub-culture which has been built up around the Grey as an icon of a society that places images of all kinds as labelling for there identification, and possibly to make the Grey a slight more acceptable for society in general. Another factor to consider is that the Greys have been, inexplicably linked to the whole Abduction phenomena which has been rigorously undertaken for some considerable years, and although some researchers have noticed a decline in Abduction reports, this still leaves the Grey as the number one candidate for Abductions.

Christopher himself has had some first hand experience with the Greys, in which led him to research and investigate the whole Grey being phenomena. This is quite clearly shown in the articles that Christopher produces for such publications as Down to Earth. Alongside this Christopher has also been allowed to view and subsequently film all kinds of weird and mysterious flying objects, which have been of some great debate both in print and also on the television. Down To Earth have had the chance to view some of this video footage, and can only say that what we have seen is quite remarkable to say the least. Another factor to take into consideration is that quite a substantial amount of this footage has been filmed in and around, the place where Christopher resides Bromley-by- Bow, which is in the East End of London. Which is another surprising factor, because it shows us that UFOs are not restricted to the countryside areas of the UK.

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