About us

Our history

Two curious minds that were heterodox enough to question the narratives of the day slowly accrued a lot of general knowledge when it came to the mysterious and unexplained.


In 1999 we created the Phenomenon website which had a lot of the content you can find on this website now. The website slowly became old fashioned and harder to find. Decisions had to be made. Were we to scrap the website with a history of over 20 years? Or revamp it, move and improve the content to make it last for at least another 20?

Our future

We decided to proceed with the latter. Currently we are working diligently to move all the content to this website. Once this is done we will frequently add new articles and content to add to the archives of the Phenomenon | Your Guide To The Mysterious And Unexplained website.

Our beliefs

Do we believe all mysterious phenomena, anachronisms, conspiracies, alternative histories etcetera are true? On the contrary. We consider ourselves critical thinkers. This means that we question everything. This of course includes common  beliefs and consensus. Individually an article on a topic on this website does not hold much weight. The body of articles as a whole strengthens our belief that there is far more to this world than meets the eye. 


So never stop looking and educate yourself. Broaden your horizons and keep the realization alive that we are living in a magical universe that is far stranger and mysterious than we could ever imagine!


Your support

One of the reasons we had to halt the project 20 years ago was because we had to earn a living and had little time to expand the website. 20 years later, the internet landscape has radically changed. Some for the worse, some for the better. One thing that has become a lot easier are ways to get support from visitors. 

If you appreciate the hard work we put in and you want to support the Phenomenon website, please check out our shop page. There are a number of ways you can support the website there. All of this is on a voluntary basis of course.

“We would love to see some enthousiastic testimonial about this new website here, but it is too soon.”

Team Phenomenon

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