Alien abduction: How to tell if you’ve been abducted

People that have allegedly have experienced alien abduction usually share the same symptoms and report similar events that happened to them during the alien abduction. Almost all of them have some details in their story which makes it unique but here’s a list of events or symptoms that almost every abductee reports of :

  • Lost time: a period of time, from minutes to several days, you can’t recall what happened to you or what you have done.
  • Unusual marks on your body like scars or bruises which you’re unable to explain where you got them from.
  • You experience unexplained medical problems, you have sudden illness, sinus problems, fatigue, migraines or rashes.
  • Implants: during medical exams your physician notices strange objects in your body that you nor him can explain.
  • You are unable to sleep well at night, you experience insomnia or you are troubled by nightmares in which you see UFOs or extra-terrestrials or you dream of being devoured by animals with large black eyes, usually wolves or owls.
  • During sleep you have the feeling that you are being watched.
  • You often wake up not knowing exactly where you are, nor how you came there.
  • During your life you’ve witnessed an UFO or you’ve seen strange lights in the sky.
  • You often feel the need to travel to remote locations without an explanation.
  • You (a man) have sperm samples taken.
  • You (a woman) have had a pregnancy where you’ve been pregnant for a few months and overnight you’re no longer pregnant.
  • Occasionally you hear tapping or humming noises.
  • You’ve gained psychic abilities, you can read thoughts or you can predict future.
Alien abduction. Decorative artwork of human body x-ray

So do any or more of these points mentioned sound familiar and seem to be the case for you? Then it might just be true you have been an alien abduction experiencer. It might make sense to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist. Or you could just let it be. It’s up to you.

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