Alien species variety

Introduction of these alien species

There may be many alien species in our universe if we look at these encounters from the twentieth century. Not so much a chosen few, but thousands and thousands. The last decades, more and more emphasis is put to the so called ‘Zeta Reticuli Greys’, first described by Betty and Barney HillTake a look at the variety of aliens species encounters that took place from 1946 to 1967.


The stunning alien that Howard Menger met several times during his life.


Howard Menger, first encountered this appealing alien when he was only 12 years old. Later in his life (1946), he met her again wearing a green, somewhat transparent overall. She had long blonde hair, very blue eyes and explicit feminine features. A very attractive alien species. Eventually, Menger asked to marry her, and so they did.


High Bridge, New Jersey. June, 1946

Alien witnessed by J.C. Higgins

J.C. Higgins

This detailed portrait was made by an artist in accordance to a close encounter of the third kind by J.C. Higgins.


July, 1947

The alien that Professor Higgins encountered during his hike in North-East Italy

L.R. Johannis

Professor L.R. Johannis was walking through the hills of North-East Italy, packed with a rucksack and a geologists pickaxe. He was searching for fossils when he suddenly saw a large, red, lens shaped object that seemingly crashed into the rocky hill. It had two antennae sticking out of it. At short range he saw two persons that he presumed to be children at first but when he came closer, he realized in horror that the two ‘children’ were in fact strange alien dwarfs. 


Appearance of this alien species

They were about a meter in height and their heads appeared to be bigger than that of a human. Also, he aliens were wearing dark blue overalls with bright-red collars and belts. They wore Brown caps on their heads, so any hair growth was covered up. When he raised his hands in a universal greeting, he was struck by a beam from one of the alien belts. He was paralized but witnessed the theft of his mug, pick axe, his fork and the metal inside of his thermal flask. A strange alien species.

Italy, August 14th, 1947



On the 20th of November, 1952, George Adamski ‘a ufologist’ was on the trail of a UFO when suddenly a man appeared. He was about 1.60 meters, had a round face and slightly tilted eyes. Also, the ‘man’ had high cheekbones. His hair was wavy, sand colored hair down to his shoulders. It was a very humanlike alien species. The alien wore a dark brown suit of one piece, which resembled a ski-suit of the 50’s. He warmly greeted Adamski and visited him on several occasions after that first encounter.


Desert Center, November 20th 1952

These dwarflike aliens were encountered in Caracas Venezuela in 1952

Gonzalez & Ponce

Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponce witnessed a glowing sphere from which came four hairy, brushy, dwarf like creatures. Despite their short stature, they had an amazing strentgh and impenetratible skin. One of them manage to sling Gonzalez five meters away in one blow. When Gonzalez tried to defend himself with a knife, in bounced of its skin as if it was metal.


28th of November 1954, Caracas. Venezuela.


On the 22th of August, the family Sutton witnessed several green, spooky creatures of about one meter in height, they appeared to glow from the inside. Also, they had round heads, elephant ears, and a mouth from ear to ear and their long arms ended in claws. The green aliens stood up right but moved on hands and feet. The creatures climbed onto the Suttons roof and terrorized the family the entire night.

22th of August 1955, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

The suited alien being that was encountered by Antonio Villas-Boas in Brazil


A local farmer named Antonio Villas-Boas saw an egg shaped UFO from which came five beings. The entities were about one 1.90 meters in height, with normal strength. Facial features displayed small and light eyes. They were wearing grey, tightfitting overalls with attached helmets from which three silver tubes were attached that were connected to the overall. On their chest they had a red shield, the size of a pineapple. They tested Villas-Boas, took a blood sample of him and used him, as he explained in his own words, for an inter-terrestrial procreating program. He said het engaged in sexual activities with one of their crew members.

October 26th, 1962. Alto dos Cruzeiros, Brazil.

Two of these aliens, radiating from their chest were encountered by Jose Camilho Filho, an Engineer

Camilho Filho

Jose Camilho Filho, an engineer, saw two creatus sitting on a fallen banana tree. The two creature, of about one meter in height, had brown, wrinkled skin. Large heads, white hair and big chinese like eyes. They wore green pants, blue shirts and a radiating breast plate which glowed as if it were buring magnesium (really bright!). They fled, stumbling upon each other when they saw Filho.


October 26th, 1962. Alto dos Cruzeiros, Brazil.


Herbert Schirmer, a police officer, saw four beings coming out of a sphere shaped UFO. The four measured about 1.60 meters in height, with greyish white skins, flat noses and a lipless mouth which remained motionless the entire time. They had slightly tilted eyes eyes which didn’t blink, but of which the pupils grew and shrunk. The men wore silver-grey uniforms, boots and gloves and had the emblem of a feathered snake of their chest.


December 3rd 1967, Ashland, Nebraska.

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