Ancient aliens visiting earth

By Colin Mulligan

Ancient aliens, did they visit the earth for millions of years?

Did our distant ancestors witness UFOs?

Well, according to some serious UFO researchers there is plenty of evidence to suggest so. Figures of ‘Space people’ and UFOs, they say, are depicted as ancient aliens in cave drawings. Also they can be found on age-old pottery. Furthermore, they claim many myths and legends, and even the Bible and other sacred texts from around the world, contain corroborative evidence for such a startling theory. All we must do, they say, is stop treating these ancient texts and primitive art forms as works of fiction. Or imaginative nonsense, and start reading them as eye-witness accounts. Have extraterrestrials been visiting the earth since ancient times? Well, according to some serious UFO researchers there’s a distinct possibility. 

Corroborating evidence

Among corroborative evidence for this startling theory they cite ancient cave paintings, pottery, and sculpture. Myths, legends, and even passages of the Bible and other religious texts are considered evidence. All we must do, they say, is stop treating these sacred writings and primitive art forms as made-up stories or nonsense. We should consider them as actual eye-witness accounts.

Erich von Daniken on ancient aliens visiting earth
Erich Von Daniken, a best-selling author and ancient ET visitation exponent, tells us about the Dogon. This is a primitive West African tribe now settled in Mali. Apparently for thousands of years the Dogon have been telling the same creation myth claiming that they originate from a distant planet. But even further to this, the myth they tell encompasses astonishingly accurate knowledge of a dim and heavy star called Sirius B. This star, invisible to the naked eye, was not even discovered until the 1950s. Astronomers using the most modern radio telescopes of the day looked at Sirius B for the first time. So how could the primitive Dogon obtained this and other astonishing astronomical knowledge? Well, Von Daniken suggests that the only possible explanation is that the creation myth is based on fact and the Dogon really do have ET connections.

Swing low 

In Chariots Of The Gods, another of his books, Von Daniken turns his attention to the Bible. He urges us to re-examine many of its ‘stories’ in light of our modern experiences of  the UFO phenomenon. In particular he draws our attention to the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel. In this particular text the prophet gives a  6th century account of watching a ‘Flaming Chariot’ descend in the desert beside the River Chebar in Babylon. It was amber, says the prophet. The color of metal and surrounded by fire folding in on itself. Later, he described how four objects came out of the  mysterious cloud, each a wheel within a wheel with a ring of eyes. Out of them came  four man-like creatures in suits of burnished brass, with crystal firmaments on their heads. According to some, Ezekiel could well be describing a classic UFO/alien encounter.


To corroborate this theory even further, after reading about Ezekiel’s ‘UFO encounter’ in Von Daniken’s book, a respected NASA engineer, Joseph Blumrich, was intrigued enough to study the account further. He was later quoted as saying that Ezekiel’s UFOs had ‘…very credible dimensions and belong (s) to a stage of technology which modern man will not reach for some decades’!

And staying with the Bible, could even the angels have been ETs? It is said that they were ‘messengers’ of the Lord and came from the skies. UFOlogists remind us that Daniel called them ‘watchers’ and that it’s written they were allowed to intermarry and eat human food. And what about Jacob’s ladder? In his book In Search Of Extraterrestrials, Alan Landsburg reminds us of how Jacob ‘…began to dream, and look! There was a ladder stationed upon the earth and its top reaching up to the heavens; and look! There were God’s angels ascending and descending on it.’ Is it possible Jacob saw ETs using some kind of early space age transportation to and from the earth? And what about that other Old Testament prophet, Elijah? When it says he was taken to heaven in a ‘fiery chariot’ perhaps, some say, this could be contemporary biblical jargon for him leaving earth in a UFO.

Sanskrit evidence

Researchers say ancient Indian Sanskrit texts, too, provide valuable evidence for the theory of age-old ET visitations to earth. Many classic Vedic and Hindu writings mention metallic flying machines called Vimanas. It is even claimed that an ancient text exists which details how to build these amazing craft and run pilot training courses! But how could such ancient people have come by the technology to have built any flying machine? Never mind such advanced flying craft, you ask? Well, obviously only with the help of technologically superior beings from another world, say the advocates of ancient UFOs.

Cave Drawings

Cave drawings and primitive carvings from all around the world provide even further evidence too, say researchers. Take Lussac, France, for example. There are ancient wall drawings of figures dressed in modern day clothes. At least that is what UFO researchers claim. The startling drawings were found deep in dark caves. Many of the caves are underwater today. The drawings are in an extremely awkward location. it is a mystery to experts how the artists could even see to mix their pigments and create the works. But who were the models for these primitive painters? Who were these contemporarily dressed figures? The figures primitive people went through so much trouble to depict? Furthermore, how did they even see to paint the pictures? Did they use mirrors to reflect light back into the dark interiors of the caves? Or did they have more advanced technology?

Ancient aliens in South Africa

There are also other drawings very similar to be found all over the world. In South Africa, for example, there is one such painting known as ‘The White Lady of Brandenberg’. This particular lady is depicted dressed in a short pullover, gloves, garters and slippers. Behind her is a male figure with some kind of pipe in his hand and wearing some kind of helmet. The UFOlogists maintain it is impossible for a primitive artist to foresee people wearing such items of clothing. So who were the models for such extraordinary works of ancient art? Were these ancient aliens?

According to UFO researchers there are countless examples of evidence of ancient ET visitation on primitive pottery, too. In Gold of the Gods, again by author Erich Von Daniken he writes the following. “There is a photograph of an old Mayan vase depicting what  certainly looks like a female astronaut. The flying figure appears to be wearing some of the attributes of the profession. A broad belt around her stomach and a apparatus strapped to her back. Pottery festooned with similar ‘space- people’ exist too, on show, says the author. They can be found in museums in Turkey and Madrid.

Ancient aliens, did they visit?

So, did ancient aliens visit the earth in times long gone? Are myths and legends eye-witness accounts of our ancestors encountering UFOs and ancient aliens? Or are they simply fairy stories and not to be believed as truth? When we read of ‘angels’, ‘flaming chariots’ and ‘metallic flying machines’ in the Bible and other sacred scripts. What are we to make of it all? How are we to explain the primitive cave drawings, pottery and carvings, apparently depicting ancient space men and women? If primitive man was simply drawing his artistic inspiration from real life, who on earth were his models for such startling works of art?

Stranger than fiction?

Truth, someone once said a long time ago, is often stranger than fiction. If, like some of the evidence proposed by UFO researchers certainly seems to suggest, ancient man really was visited by beings from other planets, the old maxim would certainly prove to be extraordinarily wise and correct.
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