Angelo Pitoni: The Enigmatic Explorer and His Mysterious Discoveries


Angelo Pitoni, a name synonymous with mystery and adventure, carved a niche for himself in the annals of exploration and geology. Born in 1924 in Rieti, Italy, Pitoni’s life was a tapestry of intrigue, spanning from his military service to his groundbreaking discoveries as a geologist.

Early Life and Military Service

Pitoni’s early life was marked by his valiant efforts during World War II. He earned a gold medal for his role in the Italian Resistance and served in the British Special Forces and the American OSS. His bravery and expertise in espionage at the young age of 20 set the stage for his future adventures.

Angelo Petoni, a Geologist with a Flair for the Extraordinary

Transitioning from military service, Pitoni became an explorer and adventurer, venturing into the Amazon jungles at 23. His passion for exploration led him to become a renowned geologist for the FAO, a botanist, and an amateur agronomist. He also gained recognition for discovering emerald mines and specializing in lapis lazuli.

Angelo Pitoni and the blue sky stones

The Sky Stone: A Discovery Beyond Imagination

In 1990, Angelo Pitoni, an Italian geologist and archaeologist, made a groundbreaking discovery in Sierra Leone, West Africa, that would challenge the conventional understanding of earthly minerals. Pitoni unearthed an unusual bluestone, later named the Sky Stone, believed to be from around 12000 BC. The stone’s unique appearance and composition sparked worldwide interest and extensive analysis. It was sent to research laboratories in various countries including Geneva, Rome, Utrecht, Tokyo, and Freiberg, Germany. The analysis revealed that the stone was unlike any known rock, comprising 77% oxygen along with traces of carbon, silicon, calcium, and sodium. Its composition, similar to concrete or stucco and possibly artificially colored, led to debates about its origin, with Pitoni considering it a product of an advanced, lost civilization.

Legends and Further Mysteries

The Sky Stone’s discovery was surrounded by local legends in Sierra Leone. The indigenous people believed these stones were beings from the sky, transformed and cast down to Earth by divine forces. This narrative added a mystical aura to Angelo Pitoni’s find. Further testing suggested the stone’s composition included 77.17% oxygen, carbon, calcium, and an unknown organic compound. The age of the Sky Stones was estimated to be between 2,500 and 17,000 years, with some claims extending up to 55,000 years. This vast timespan further fueled the mystery, as it suggested the stone could have originated outside our planet.

Continuing Enigma and Cultural Impact

The intrigue of the Sky Stone extended beyond its initial discovery. American artist Jared Collins, upon encountering the stone in 2013 in Hong Kong, became fascinated by its enigmatic nature. Despite efforts to obtain a sample for further analysis, the stone remained elusive and enshrouded in mystery. Collins’s attempts to acquire a piece of the stone were met with refusals, reinforcing the stone’s mystique and value. The story of the Sky Stone, interwoven with local legends and the mystery of its composition, has captivated the imagination of many, leading to various theories about its extraterrestrial origins and the possibility of advanced ancient civilizations.


The Sky Stone remains a subject of intrigue and speculation, embodying the allure of the unexplained in the field of geology and beyond. Angelo Pitoni’s discovery not only challenged scientific understanding but also captured the fascination of those drawn to the mysteries of our world and beyond.

Other Notable Discoveries and Contributions

Pitoni’s explorations led to other significant findings. He hypothesized that the Dama del Mali, a 150-meter-high rock formation in West Africa, was a 20,000-35,000-year-old sculpture rather than a product of erosion, challenging established historical narratives. His belief in the extraordinary extended to his literary contributions, with works like “L’incognito,” “Il mistero della vita,” and “Il nostro suolo,” where he delved into the mysteries of man, matter, and life itself.

Angelo Petoni, his Legacy and Impact

Angelo Pitoni’s life journey, marked by his relentless pursuit of knowledge and adventure, ended in 2009 in his hometown of Rieti. His legacy as an explorer, writer, military man, and geologist remains a testament to human curiosity and the unyielding spirit of discovery.


Angelo Pitoni’s story is a compelling narrative of a life lived in the pursuit of the unknown. His discoveries, especially the Sky Stone, invite us to question our understanding of history and the limits of human achievement. In Pitoni, we find an embodiment of the explorer’s spirit, forever pushing the boundaries of the known world.

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