Antonio Villas Boas abduction


Maybe the story of Antonio Villas Boas scrapes the boundaries of what is possible or not regarding UFO abduction cases.
His story may have been easily ridiculed was it not that he immediately had a physical check performed by a physician.


The when and where

On the 15th of October 1957, Antonio Villas Boas, an agricultural worker was walking in a region of Brazil when he saw a large shiny object flying in the air on two occasions. After the second time an egg shaped, luminous and giant object landed in front of his tractor. In horror he jumped of his tractor and tried to run away, but he was captured by three helmed individuals wearing tight grey overalls. He was grabbed by the arms and was taken to the craft. There were several more men, who spoke to each other with strange sounds most resembling the barking of a dog.


Sketch made by Antonio Villas Boas of the aliens wearing attire resembling a space suit.

A naked and afraid Antonio Villas Boas

There Antonio Villas Boas was undressed and thoroughly cleaned. A blood sample was taken from his chin and after that he was installed in a nearby chamber. It was furnished with a resting sofa. After being alone for a while, a naked woman entered the room, she was about 1.35 meters in height and had the most beautiful body one can imagine. Her hairs were virtually white and eyes were large, blue and somewhat oriental in shape. She had a straight nose and a pointy chin.

The events that expired

She walked towards him and hugged him. This memorable interstellar rendez-vous ended in passionate love making.

Unfortunately, his joy was sometimes disturbed by what Antonio described in his report as :” The growling sounds the woman sometimes made almost ruined all the fun for me and made me uncomfortably realize that I was in the presence of an animal”. Shortly after this encounter, he was examined by Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, who discovered several strange things while examining Villas Boas body. He was exposed to massive amounts of radiation and would experience radiation poisoning for a considerable time. On the place where his blood was taken off, the skin lacked in pigment . It was also softer and thinner there, as if new skin had grown over.

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