Aurora, Texas 1897

One of the strangest cases involving alleged crashed UFOs, occurred nearly 100 years ago in the town of Aurora, Texas. Many people believe this to be one of many hoaxes started around this time. The year was 1897 during which the U.S. was besotted with hundreds of sightings of strange airships. 

The story first appeared on 19th April 1897, and claimed that a strange airship had appeared over the town of Aurora. The craft then apparently crashed into a windmill tower and exploded. Some of the material recovered had strange hieroglyphic symbols on it. Also amongst the wreckage was that of an ‘alien’ lifeform which the townsfolk buried in the local cemetery. Several UFO researchers have tried to uncover some supportive documentation with vary success. A few witnesses were still around when the incident was investigated around 1966 – 1977 and some of these gave evidence stating that the story was essentially true.

However, most of the evidence uncovered by researchers indicates that the story is nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Used to drum up interest in the town of Aurora, Texas. In fact, researchers discovered that no windmill had been at the site in question. Also that the site was owned by the local mayor.

Although most researchers regard this as a hoax, there are still some who pursue the case. In fact, several years ago they tried to get the grave where the alien is supposedly buried exhumed. The request was denied by the local council.

Aurora Texas. Newspaper article describing a UFO crash in Aurora, Texas in 1897

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