Betty and Barney Hill

The Betty and Barney Hill Story

The first two people who stated publicly they were abducted were Betty and Barney Hill. It is their belief that they’ve been taken aboard an alien spacecraft. After which to be examined and operated on by small aliens. They had big slanted eyes and huge heads.

On the 20th of September 1961 , Betty and Barney Hill were driving in their car. The couple was traveling from their holiday location in Niagara Falls through the White Mountains, New Hampshire. 

They noticed that a bright light followed them. After noticing the lights, Betty and Barney Hill pulled over and Barney got out of the car to look at the light through his binoculars. Barney later described the craft as ‘coin shaped with blue lighted windows along the edge’. He claims that he was able to look into the craft and could see small figures running around. Further he remembers getting back in the car and driving them both home. Upon arrival they noticed that they were two hours late and neither of them knew why. Also there were unusual stains on Betty’s dress and strange spots on their car.
  Black and White photograph of Betty and Barney Hill showing their newspaper article.


What dreams are made of

 A few days after, Betty was getting rather disturbing dreams about being abducted by strange beings. Both Betty and Barney Hill decided to undergo regression therapy. They did this to see if this could tell them what happened that night. While under hypnosis both Betty and Barney told the same extraordinary story, they said that the craft that was following them flew over them and landed in front of the car. After landing, strange little beings came out of the UFO. They surrounded the car and then took them both inside the craft. When they were inside the craft samples of their bodies were taken. After which they were closely examined by the extraterrestrials. Before leaving the spacecraft the aliens showed Betty a three dimensional image. A hologram of what seemed to be a star system. She drew it and later it was identified as the Zeta Reticuli star system.


Was the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill a mere case of hypnotic suggestion by the psychologists conducting the hypnosis?

Most critics claim it is. Mostly stories have an origin. There must be a fundament for hypnotic suggestions. Doesn’t the first
line of this article clearly read: “the first people who stated…”.

Maybe the answer isn’t that simple.

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