Boundary Technologies

By Edwin Joyce – Note; this article has been written more than 20 years ago

Currently within the UFO/Alien research field, there has been found to be a steadily increasing direction towards the achievement between Alien races and humanity of Open Contact. Over the past few decades (perhaps centuries), coming to prevalence within the last two decades especially with such celebrated cases as the Billy Meyer and Adriane contacts with a race known as the Pleiadians, we have seen a swing from closed contact (i.e. within the walls of your home) to Open contact (i.e. multiple witness), which seems to have been brought forward by these Alien races. In other words, these Open Contact situations have been instigated by these Alien races to highlight the fact that they are here, have been here for a long time, and wish us to know it.

This article refers to how we may initiate Open Contact with these Alien Races via geometrical and mathematics creating a Boundary (Gateway) within the alignment of Ancient Sites particularly, due to the existence of ley line energy within these sites, as we know that UFO’s are commonly seen around these areas. The following is an explanation on how possibly, this may work. This however, this has not as yet been proven, but intense research is still being conducted into this theory.

Boundary Technologies

Few UFOlogists and Observers discount that there has been a steady and silent direction of events in the past 50 years. In our somewhat uninformed current standing with our visitors, where is the current movement of events leading to, in regards to full and public Open Contact between us and other worldly visitors? Is this leading up to a closing of the current chapter of events we have been experiencing, and is this also leading to an opening of a NEW chapter in our mysterious relationship with these Alien races?

Is it because we are so ignorant of the fact that we do not know all the answers, to the point that we are grasping at straws? (I.e. the feeling that there is no resolution anywhere to be seen.) Is it because that we as UFOlogists have been isolated from other theories have we become lazy in our thinking? Are we walking down a one way road where we are not allowing ourselves the luxury of alternative explanations and theories? By such laziness are researchers letting other perhaps more useful resolutions slip by the wayside, where both questions and answers show tendency for more of the same incompleteness?. It is that we are trapped as passive observers, that we do not recognize when the door is open, to other theories, therefore missing the opportunity’s) for Open Contact situations.

I believe that it is because of this, that we are possibly misinterpretating the actions of our visitors, instead of realizing that they, as living beings, have needs and feelings to express to us. I think that the theory of negative targeting of certain Alien races (i.e. the Grey’s being one) have led to a closing of minds on a massive scale, that makes for good reading, but negative attitudes. I am not saying that positive experiences do not occur – just that these contact situations have too long been labelled as negative, a label that may prove hard to remove.

It will, I believe, take only a few moments of creativity and will in our belief(s), that will bring them across the Boundary. Do you believe that an Alien Life form will stand before you in 2001?


For around 50 years, we have had a frustratingly incomplete contact situation with various Alien races. We have, as yet little or no Open Contact, seemingly as if they are held beck by some unknown code or rule that prohibits this. I believe that there may be some form of physical barrier, in some cases, which prevents these visitors from forming a full “Gateway” for contact. Opportunities for Open Contact close proximity encounters may possibly only occur at sites that have higher degrees of natural energy, such as the common sightings of UFO’s around Ancient sites, or those areas that contain a heavy Ley Line energy, therefore creating sightings that gently merge us together.

In making use of natural landscape or archaeological alignments only natural energy is exchanged, thus possibly creating the Boundary or “Gateway”, which in my view, is where communication has possibly been initiated, and will be the focus point for future world contact. I believe that there is the chance, given the right attitude, and right alignment, at the right time, it could be possible to create a boundary. Something which our Science, at present, correctly, does not recognize, though in these years of advancement and change, this is something that is beginning to change in favor of UFOlogy. Science is here to be challenged, after all.

A majority of the time, these Boundaries do not exist. Therefore, we must question just what it is that makes some people more eligible for this kind of contact. Recognized contactees of our time, such as Adamski, Billy Meyer, Adriane, all had at some stage, the seemingly ‘correct’ requirements – i.e. will, attitude, motivation, to have received this kind of contact, where as upon they were subconsciously sensitive to the messages that these Other Worldly Visitors were sending via telepathic means. It is my belief that this form of contact can be manipulated under controlled circumstances to an Open contact situation. Such a technology, if developed, would be an interface between a man made power source and a natural Ley Line energy. These energies are incompatible, unless they run in phase or sync with each other. Therefore it is essential to find a common energy to link the two together. A kind of meditative if you will.

A set of numbers, or if you will, a set of ordinates, that define a 3-D mathematical shape which rotates or moves through a cycle that is representative of the required background field, these numbers, placed in a sequence, which could be broadcast as a series of pulses via a transmitter, which when retuned, could possibly, at some point, result in the forming of a tension, which bends or shapes the matter within air. This could result in the point within the Boundary i.e. – the very key, which would open the boundary or “Gateway”, itself, therefore, creating a boundary that did not exist prior to the activation of the power source. Does the evidence that broadcasting wavelengths in a three dimensional format demonstrate the will of man to return to some kind of ‘Eden’? Is this a testament to the building of ancient sites all over the world, some of which are thought to contain, or build up higher amounts of the natural energies, or frequencies needed, to be turned into these infinitely amplified wave forms. To know the amounts contained, is to possibly know the whole universe.

Possibly the greatest barrier to creating this boundary technology is knowing what geometric and mathematics could be used to harmonize a single universal field. My theory is that if you have seven transmitters sitting on a ring doughnut type power source, these can be used to create a spiralling figure of eight wave form. The waves at the perimeter of this matter disruption would arrange themselves at every twelve cycles. To trigger a time differential between the two sides, these pulsation’s must synchronize themselves, to form, and hold opens the boundary or “Gateway”. The Boundary, or “Gateway”, forms as a mist, of varying degrees of thickness, which rotate as a group of luminescent particles, rotating intermittently clockwise, then anti clockwise. Its centre would bulge outward, where as the matter within air would bend, therefore creating an equilibrium or stillness, in its centre, waiting for something to pass through. All that is then required, is for someone, or something, to pass through, to the opposite side, where the long sought after Eden, may lie.


I have devoted several years of my life to researching this theory, a theory, which I hope, may be become reality under ideal circumstances. This is a very complex and difficult theory to comprehend, and one, which involves immense geometrical and mathematical calculation. It is, therefore, easy for some to disregard as nonsense, and highly unlikely to succeed, but as I stated earlier, what is science, but another compilation of theories to be challenged?

“An analogy for a new and novel experience of standing at a gateway, a breech in the very fabric of space time, like the male spider standing at the entrance to the female spiders lair, tempted to risk immortality through death, than a sterile future…..”

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