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Whispering Shadows: The Mystery of the Trypillian Culture

In the heart of Eastern Europe, shrouded in the mists of time, lies an enigmatic chapter of human history – the Trypilian Culture (also see Wiki) This ancient civilization, flourishing between 5400 and 2700 BC, remains a tantalizing mystery, echoing through the ages with its unique art, sophisticated town planning, and inexplicable disappearance. The Dawn of a Civilization As the sun rose over the lush valleys of modern-day Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova,

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Featured image of the article "The Sumerian King List" - Artist rendition

Echoes of Eternity: Enigma of the Sumerian King List

In the annals of ancient history, few artifacts hold as much mystery and intrigue as the Sumerian King List. This archaic text, a blend of myth and reality. Because this list recounts the reigns of kings over millennia. It merges the realms of the divine with the mortal. Ultimately combining it into a narrative that challenges our understanding of time and civilization. The Discovery and Its Significance It was unearthed

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The mysterious broche from Mocht civilization

The Moche: Unveiling the Enigmas of an Ancient Civilization

In Peru’s northern sands, ancient Moche secrets draw scholars and the curious. Thriving from 100-800 AD, they sculpted a timeless legacy in the harsh landscape. Known for complex society and profound art, the Moche left a captivating tapestry of wonders and riddles. Like Egypt’s mysterious pyramids, the Moche civilization was a complex community. They shared beliefs, crafted iconic art, and built monumental structures. They raised great pyramids, harnessed water, and

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The Aztec Death Whistle

The Aztec death whistle: A shrill noise before the Darkness

Introduction In the heart of modern-day Mexico City, beneath layers of urban sprawl, lies a relic shrouded in mystery and steeped in ancient lore: the Aztec Death Whistle. Discovered amidst the ruins of a civilization renowned for its complex rituals and powerful deities, this small, skull-shaped instrument continues to captivate and mystify. This article embarks on an exploratory journey, delving into the chilling depths of its history, design, and the

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The Rihat structure near Mauritania

The Richat Structure: The rings of Mauritania

Introduction In the arid expanse of the Sahara, amidst the relentless sands and searing heat, lies a mystery as perplexing as any tale spun by the greatest of suspense authors. The Richat Structure, an enigmatic circular formation etched into the heart of Mauritania, beckons with its unsolved riddles. Known colloquially as the “Eye of the Sahara,” this geological marvel has captured the imaginations of scientists and adventurers alike. But it’s

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Article about Atlantis

Atlantis grid, DNA, energy, wormwood

Atlantis Grid, DNA, Energy, Wormwood From The House of David Teaching Centre Introduction An article on the historical Atlantis Energy Grid and it’s cosmic energy know as “Wormwood.” This Christ Energy is now coming into it’s own after being seeded 2000 years ago. There is also a discussion on the three great DNA past experiments and how they apply to Atlantis. Atlantis, The Atlantis Grid, DNA and the Redemption of

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Dr. Stone’s Easy To Read Encyclopedia of Ascension

The article is called Dr. Stone’s Easy To Read Encyclopedia of ASCENSION by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D. Introduction This article was extracted from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s newly published book, “The Complete Ascension Manual”. When I first got started on The Path many of the people asked me if I had read about Edgar Cayce and I told them that I hadn’t. Finally after so many did ask me this

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Article about the accessible remains of Atlantis

Atlantis – Accessible remains

written by Mark HammonsDisclaimer; The views of this editor do not necessarily match the views of Phenomenon.   Introduction  Physical remains of Atlantis litter the Atlantic Ocean floor, as the United States Navy knows full well. Also, you have been taught to view the ocean bottom is a contradictory way. In one respect, it’s a pretty accepted view that the ocean floor spreads from a central line of volcanic uprise,

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The 12-angled-stone mystery of the Incins are something that we can't do nowadays.

Inca Architecture

Inca architecture (or Incan architecture) has been fascinated people throughout history. A lot can be said about the intriguing Inca civilization. One of the most intriguing aspects of this culture is the way they built many of their structures. What sets them apart is the way they created their walls. These walls consisting of interlocking stones. From a modern perspective, this way of constructing walls is very laborious. Certainly not

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The capital of Cuzco in relation to the Incan empire

History of Cuzco Peru

Early history What do we know about the history of Cuzco, Peru? There are numerous stories about the origins of the Incas and the founding of their capital, Cuzco. Many of them share some basic elements, but vary greatly in detail. However, they all agree in naming Manco Capac as the first Inca ruler. Inca origin stories can be divided into two groups. Those that hold that Manco Capac came

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