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Atlantis grid, DNA, energy, wormwood

Atlantis Grid, DNA, Energy, Wormwood From The House of David Teaching Centre Introduction An article on the historical Atlantis Energy Grid and it’s cosmic energy know as “Wormwood.” This Christ Energy is now coming into it’s own after being seeded 2000 years ago. There is also a discussion on the three great DNA past experiments and how they apply to Atlantis. Atlantis, The Atlantis Grid, DNA and the Redemption of

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Dr. Stone’s Easy To Read Encyclopedia of Ascension

The article is called Dr. Stone’s Easy To Read Encyclopedia of ASCENSION by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D. Introduction This article was extracted from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s newly published book, “The Complete Ascension Manual”. When I first got started on The Path many of the people asked me if I had read about Edgar Cayce and I told them that I hadn’t. Finally after so many did ask me this

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Article about the accessible remains of Atlantis

Atlantis – Accessible remains

written by Mark HammonsDisclaimer; The views of this editor do not necessarily match the views of Phenomenon.   Introduction  Physical remains of Atlantis litter the Atlantic Ocean floor, as the United States Navy knows full well. Also, you have been taught to view the ocean bottom is a contradictory way. In one respect, it’s a pretty accepted view that the ocean floor spreads from a central line of volcanic uprise,

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Atlantis – History Of The Golden Ages

Dedicated to the creators of the future Golden Age… Left to humanity as a vision of the future of Planet Earth… by EN-MAR – Steve Omar From The House of David Teaching Center “This is probably the greatest discovery in World history” was stated by Maxine Asher. She is the co-director of a scientific expedition that found Atlantis at the bottom of the ocean . It was reported United Press

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