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Featured image of the Cisco Grove UFO incident in 1964

Cisco Grove UFO Mystery: Donald Shum’s Harrowing Encounter

Cisco Grove UFO Encounter, 1964 In the serene wilderness of Cisco Grove, something otherworldly stirred in 1964. Donald Shum, a welder by profession, embarked on a hunting trip that would pivot his life into the realms of the extraordinary. This journey into the unknown is not just a tale of a UFO sighting; it’s an odyssey that challenges the very fabric of reality. It’s the Cisco Grove UFO encounter, an

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The Vigniha UFO incident 1996 featured image

The Varginha Encounter: A Mystifying UFO Incident in Brazil

Introduction In the annals of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial folklore, few incidents have sparked as much intrigue and controversy as the Varginha UFO encounter in Brazil. Often likened to the infamous Roswell event in the United States, the Varginha incident, which unfolded in January 1996, has become a centerpiece of debate among UFO enthusiasts, skeptics, and researchers alike. This enigmatic episode, characterized by bizarre sightings, mysterious military involvement, and conflicting

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We all know the grey aliens but there always were a great variety of aliens.

Alien species variety

Introduction of these alien species There may be many alien species in our universe if we look at these encounters from the twentieth century. Not so much a chosen few, but thousands and thousands. The last decades, more and more emphasis is put to the so called ‘Zeta Reticuli Greys’, first described by Betty and Barney Hill. Take a look at the variety of aliens species encounters that took place from 1946

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