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The Vigniha UFO incident 1996 featured image

The Varginha Encounter: A Mystifying UFO Incident in Brazil

Introduction In the annals of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial folklore, few incidents have sparked as much intrigue and controversy as the Varginha UFO encounter in Brazil. Often likened to the infamous Roswell event in the United States, the Varginha incident, which unfolded in January 1996, has become a centerpiece of debate among UFO enthusiasts, skeptics, and researchers alike. This enigmatic episode, characterized by bizarre sightings, mysterious military involvement, and conflicting

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Did a UFO crash in Ontario, Canada in 1989?

Ontario UFO crash, November 4th, 1989, Canada

In 1989 one of Bob Oeschler’s sources, who called himself ‘Guardian’, claimed that in a area west of Ottawa a remarkable incidenthad taken place on 4th November. According to his source an object was tracked on radar over Carp before it fell towards the ground near West Carleton. The area – which is now known as the Ontario UFO crash site – was immediately sealed off and huge helicopters and

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UFO crash in the Kalahari desert, Botswana 1989

Kalahari desert UFO crash, Botswana, May 7th, 1989

One of the most famous cases (and probable hoaxes) occurred in 1990 with the claim that the South African Air Force had shot a ‘flying saucer’ out of the sky. This case is best known as the Kalahari Desert UFO crash.  A small dossier Enter Tony Dodd, a former police officer and coordinator of Quest (formerly the Yorkshire UFO Society). He claims that in July 1990, he was contacted by

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UFO Incident at Rendlesham Forest, UK

Rendlesham Forest UFO, UK, December 26th, 1980

Tip to investigate the Rendlesham Forest UFO In 1980, just after Christmas, Brenda Butler a local paranormal investigator, was contacted by an American friend who was a security police officer at the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England (a base owned by the USAF). The friend claimed that in the early hours of December 26th, he and two other guards had been sent into the nearby forest of

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Account of soldier who described a salvaged UFO being stored and later transported out of Fort Riley, Kansas in 1964

Fort Riley UFO crash, Kansas, December 10th,1964

The following account describes the testimony of a witness of the Fort Riley UFO crash. On 10th December 1964, at Fort Riley army base, Kansas, a guard – Aaron Kaback – was on duty in the motor pool. He and 3 other men were ordered by a senior officer to make their way to a remote corner of the base. When they arrived they noticed a large military chopper. It was shining

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Did a UFO crash at Nilles Air Force Base in Nevada, USA?

Las Vegas, USA UFO crash – April 18th 1962

One of the most intriguing crash reports to have surfaced over the years is a report of a Las Vegas UFO crash that occurred in theAir Force Base of Nellis AFB, Nevada in 1962. For many years this case was thought of nothing more than a rumor amongst UFO researchers. However, reports and statements from many eyewitnesses slowly emerged. Enough so, for researchers to start digging for more information. The object

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Did a UFO crash in 1957 in Ubatuba, Brazil?

Ubatuba UFO crash, Brazil – September 14th 1957

Introduction One of the few cases of a crashed UFO and physical evidence is that of the crash that occurred on the beach of Ubatuba, Brazil in September 1957. The story of the Ubatuba UFO crash began when Ibrahim Sued, a journalist with O Globo (a leading Brazilian newspaper), received a letter on 13th September. The letter was signed but was somewhat incomprehensible. The letter stated: “As a faithful reader

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The UFO crash in 1953, Kingman Arizona

Kingman UFO crash, May 21st 1953, Arizona

It is rumored that a UFO crashed on the 20th May 1953 near the desert town of Kingman, Arizona. This case was first brought to the publics attention by Raymond Fowler in June 1973. Fowler had obtained evidence from a witness he referred to as ‘Fritz Werner’. Werner claims to have been working on a special contract at a nuclear test site in Nevada. On the 21st May he was

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Did a UFO crash at Spitzbergen, Norway?

Spitzbergen Island UFO crash in Norway

Spitzbergen UFO crash? In June 1952 stories were beginning to come out in the German Press about an alleged Spitzbergen UFO crash on the island of that name off the northern coast of Norway. The stories reported that 6 Norwegian jets were on an exercise flying over the Hinlopen Straits when radio contact was lost due to heavy static interference. At the same time the local radar post at Narvik,

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Did a UFO crash at Paradise Valley, Arizona in 1947?

Paradise Valley, Arizona – October 1947

Another alleged crash retrieval took place in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Arizona 1947. This crash again came from Frank Scully’s information. It involved a craft 36feet in diameter, along with 2 humanoid bodies. The main witness was Selman E. Graves, a former businessman and pilot. He said he witnessed part of the recovery operation with 2 friends during a hunting trip. In statements Graves reported: “There were some mine shafts. What

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