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50's fire truck on the way to a spontaneous human combustion

20th century accounts of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)

Introduction The following accounts of 20th century spontaneous human combustion are presented in chronological order. The next cases of SHC are just a few of an estimated 400 worldwide anecdotal accounts of spontaneous human combustion. Maybelle Andrews, october 1938 Maybelle Andrews was with her boyfriend dancing at a nightclub. Suddenly flames erupted from her back, chest and shoulders. Her boyfriend was severely burned trying to put the flames out. He said

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A possible explanation for spontaneous humon combustion

Explanation for spontaneous human combustion

What is spontaneous human combustion? Spontaneous human combustion is the process of a human body catching fire. As a result of heat generated by internal chemical action. What could be an explanation for spontaneous human combustion?  Personal accounts of SHC Many people have felt as if they were about to explode, or that their bellies were on fire. But so far there are no accounts of anyone suddenly bursting into

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The history of spontaneous human combustion

History of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Many historians agree; Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) was first documented in early texts such as the Bible. Scientifically speaking, these accounts are too old. Also not first hand accounts and it is difficult to consider it reliable evidence. Last 350 years Over the past 350 years, there have been more than 400 reports of persons burning to a crisp for no apparent reason. The first reliable historic evidence of Spontaneous

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spontaneous human combustion analogy

Mary Reeser: Spontaneous Human Combustion

Introduction The last time 67-year-old widow Mrs. Mary Reeser was seen alive was on July 1, 1951. Her son, Dr. Richard Reeser, and her landlady, Mrs. Pansy M. Carpenter, who had been visiting said goodnight at about 9:00 pm and left Mrs. Reeser sitting in her easy chair in her apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida. Smelly Smoke The first sign of trouble was at 5:00 am. Mrs. Carpenter was awakened

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