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Stigmata, an overview of cases throughout history

Historical cases of stigmata

There have been many cases of stigmata during the centuries. The following events are sorted by chronological order. The next are just a few of an estimated 320 authentic worldwide accounts of stigmata. Thirteenth century The first mentioned of the cases of stigmata is the case of St. Francis of Assisi. In whom the stigmata were of a character never seen subsequently. In the wounds of feet and hands were excrescences

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The mysterious phenomenon of stigmata as depicted by Saint Francis

History of stigmata

The history of stigmata goes back for many centuries. For over seven hundred and fifty years there have been individual Christians who have exhibited on their bodies the physical marks of Christ’s suffering. How do stigmata show? They have had wounds in their hands as if nails have been hammered through; their feet similarly have scarred and bled; some have had marks on the forehead corresponding to those which might

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Padre Pio, a famous case of stigmata

Padre Pio stigmata

On the morning of the 20th September 1918, after having celebrated Holy Mass, the priest Padre Pio retired to the choir stalls for his usual thanksgiving. The place was S. Giovanni Rotondo and the church, Our Lady of Grace.   Padre Pio stigmata – How it started Outside in the small piazza the morning was similar to most other mornings on the Gargano. The friary, lying at the foot of

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