Harpies in Greek mythology

Earlier versions of harpies in Greek mythology describe these creatures as beautiful winged maidens.
Later they became winged monsters. Having the face of an ugly old woman with crooked and sharp talons.

Greek mythology describes them as the three daughters of the Giant Thaumas and the Okeanid nymph Elektra.

Employed by the gods to punish crime on the Earth. The harpies names were Aello (“the Stormswift”), Celaeno (“the Dark”) and Ocypete (“the Swiftwing”). The Harpies were probably the personification of storm winds.

The winged maidens carried off persons to the underworld and inflicted punishment or tormented them. Those persons were never seen again.

The gods sent the harpies in Greek mythology to torment a certain Phineus. Punished by Jupiter, Phineus could no longer see. This was in punishment of his cruelty. Whenever a meal was placed before him, the Harpies darted down from the air and carried it off. Driven away from Phineus by the heroes of the Argonautic expedition, the harpies took refuge on the island. This is where Eneas now found them. They robbed the food from Phineus, but were driven away by Cailas and Zetes, the Boreads.

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