Paradise Valley, Arizona – October 1947

Another alleged crash retrieval took place in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Arizona 1947.

This crash again came from Frank Scully’s information. It involved a craft 36feet in diameter, along with 2 humanoid bodies. The main witness was Selman E. Graves, a former businessman and pilot. He said he witnessed part of the recovery operation with 2 friends during a hunting trip. In statements Graves reported: “There were some mine shafts. What you might call an outcropping. Also a small hill. We went up there and the three of us could look back and see everything that was taking place. 

And there was a large – I can best describe it as a large aluminium dome-shaped thing there. It was roughly the size of a house. It was measured to be 36 feet in diameter. We could see that there were pitched buildings – tents. Around these tents, men moved about. At that time we didn’t have any idea what we were looking at. We thought it might me an observatory dome, except why would they have it down there on that piece of ground?”.

Further information about the Paradise Valley crash site was provided by Scully’s informant Silas Newton.

He reported: “Supposedly there were a couple of small humanoids – about four and a half feet tall – that were reported to be there”.

Again most mainstream UFO researcher concluded that this is another hoaxed story that had been fed to Scully who reported it in his book.

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