San Agustin plains, New Mexico – July 5th, 1947

San Agustin plains

The Roswell incident seemed just to involve debris from a craft of some sort, as no main part of the craft/bodies could be found on the Brazel ranch. This led to speculation that the main part of the craft had managed to travel on before coming to rest.

The San Agustin plains crash became one of the main candidates for this location. The craft came down in an area west of Socorro, New Mexico, known as the San Agustin plains, where witnesses discovered a strange metallic object but also dead bodies. The first witness on the scene was Grady ‘Barney’ Barnett, who told some friends that in early July 1947 he had encountered a metallic, disc-shaped ‘aircraft’ about 25-30 feet in diameter.

A metallic disc

While he was examining it a small group of people arrived, who said that they were from an archaeological research team from the University of Pennsylvania. Barnet apparently stated the following to his friends. “I noticed that they were standing around looking at some dead bodies that had fallen to the ground. I think there were others in the machine, which was kind of metallic…disc. It was not all that big. It seemed to be made of a metal that looked like dirty stainless steel. The machine had been split open by explosion or impact. I tried to get close to see what the bodies were like. 

They were all dead as far as I could see and there were bodies inside and outside the vehicle. The ones outside had been tossed out by the the impact. They were like humans but they were not human. The heads were round, the eyes were small, and they had no hair. The eyes were oddly spaced. They were quite small by our standards and their heads were larger in proportion to their bodies than ours.

Examining the pilots

Their clothing seemed to be one-piece and grey in color. You couldn’t see any zippers, belts or buttons. They seemed to me to be males and there were a number of them. I was close enough to touch them but I didn’t – I was escorted away before I could. While we were looking at them a military officer drove up in a truck with a driver and took control. He told everybody that the Army was taking over and to get out of the way. Other military personnel came up and cordoned off the area. We were told to leave the area and not to talk to anyone whatever about what we had seen…that it was our patriotic duty to remain silent”.

Conclusion about the San Agustin plains crash site

Unfortunately Barnett died before any UFO researcher could interview him. He was described as a very respectable and honest citizen by family and friends. However, a new informant called Gerald Anderson came forward in 1990 which backed up the Barnett story. However thanks to some excellent research done by Kevin Randle and others the Anderson story was shown to be a hoax.
Also Randle tracked down all students of Universities that were in the area at the time and none of them knew anything about
the alleged crash. Again this case appears nothing more than a hoax until further evidence is presented to say otherwise.

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