Sightings and Investigations in Italy

By Fabrizio Monaco


Sightings in Italy

Italy, probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. But also one of the most visited place by UFO’s. Sightings in Italy are much more common than on average. That’s what we understood after years of hard work in UFO research. One of the most important UFO organizations in Italy is CISETi (Comitato Internazionale per lo Studio delle Intelligenze Extraterrestri). In English it can be translated into the following:  “International Committee for the Study of the Extra Terrestrial Intelligence”. This organization is involved in investigation on sightings and abductions in Italy. Our staff is composed by scientists, doctors, hypnotherapists and UFOlogists. Our goal is to break off the conspiracy of the wall of silence that seems to cover UFO arguments.

Italian UFO archives

Sightings in Italy may not be known to people not actually living in Italy.  But we do have large archives of cases including all kinds of close encounters. It seems that all Italian regions are receiving alien encounters; lights in the sky, discoid objects. Also flying aliens, video footage, tons of photos,. This is what we have received over the years. Probably one of the hottest regions for sightings in Italy is Marche, in fact the most important case we are currently investigating, originated near Ascoli Piceno. This case is very important because, if it turns out to be true, it will be the most important CE3 case which ever happened. Here’s the story:

In February 1998 our president, Dr. Massimo Fratini, was talking on TV. Then a man, who would like to stay anonymous, phoned us back to report a possible “UFO crash near his house. The hous is located in the Marche region. This man claimed to have taken some photos of  “Aliens” surrounding his house. Also some photos of a crashed UFO. Ten days later we received a little book containing ten more photos showing three different kinds of alien: A typical grey alien, another grey alien with beige skin, and some kind of hybrid little alien contained in a silver colored envelope.

A UFO crash

The man claimed that he had heard a strong explosion near his house. After few minutes he saw some strange animals walking around in his garden. He took the camera and went out to see what was going on. The photos he sent us are incredible, one of the photos shows an “Alien” staying on his feet whilst looking right into the camera. The man had never seen any pictures of aliens before and does not know anything about UFO’s. The man thought that it was a new strange animal taken by the forest guards. But then he saw another entity on the ground. It had a huge cut on the upper part of his head. He then understood that something unusual had happened. In fact there were two aliens, it seemed that one was helping the other one, which looked in some kind of distress.

The crash site

After taking some photos the witness ran home because he was scared. During the next day he saw many black helicopters flying around the zone. He then decided to go to see what had happened. When he arrived in the middle of the forest he saw a strange object crashed on the ground and a lot of people surrounding the object. Some of these people wore a strange military uniform and some were wearing dresses. Surely the military people were not Italian because in Italy there are no uniforms like that. According to the witness when these people saw him they fired with guns against him, fortunately he was able to make a quick escape. The man said that he has got a lot of material and he has sent us only a fraction of it. We have analyzed the entire photo, a little piece of the hypothetical UFO crashed and a little piece of hypothetical alien skin. 

Results seem legit

The results are that on the photo there were no signs of counterfeiting. The metal piece was intriguing. It is about 5 centimeters in length and black silver color.  It is an alloy of chromium, strontium and aluminium, and the skin origin, which is 3 centimeters in length and beige in color, is of a vegetable matter.

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