Spitzbergen Island UFO crash in Norway

Spitzbergen UFO crash?

In June 1952 stories were beginning to come out in the German Press about an alleged Spitzbergen UFO crash on the island of that name off the northern coast of Norway.

The stories reported that 6 Norwegian jets were on an exercise flying over the Hinlopen Straits when radio contact was lost due
to heavy static interference. At the same time the local radar post at Narvik, was showing a distorted signal of the jet fighters as
well as the presence of a UFO. Whilst the jets were circling, the captain , Olaf Larsen spotted a large metallic disc in the snow which looked as if it had crashed. The captain reported his findings, which led to search and recover teams being sent to the reported location.

When the teams arrived they described the craft as 150ft in diameter and that it was giving off radioactive emissions. The craft was also described as silver in colour and had strange symbols written on the outside. The teams assumed that this was a Russian test aircraft which had flown out of control. The craft was shipped to Narvik where it was examined.

The results of the investigation were not released for 2 years, and the report stated that the craft was not of Russian origin,
but was a craft that had not been built by any country on earth.

They stated that the material that the craft was constructed from could not be identified. Unfortunately these reports were never verified and many people now feel that once again that this story is most likely a hoax.

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