Telekinesis; what is it?

Telekinesis: A definition

Moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. The re-shaping of objects using the mind’s energies. Such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing.


Telekinesis is created by higher levels of consciousness. It can not be created by ‘wishing it’ to happen on the physical level. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person’s thoughts. Thoughts created by their subconscious mind.


Your energy levels must be very high. The desire to move or break or bend an object must exist in a level of thought we do not yet have control over. This lack of control is the result of the lack of brains used in general. 

Illustration of a bent spoon

The history of telekinesis

Primitive man used telekinesis instinctively as a form of survival. Today we do not remember how to access that part of our brain.

There are teachers who can help develop this skill to some degree. But I do not know of any teacher who can help you develop telekinesis. A skill you could master so that you can use it ‘at will’ in our present reality.

Teenagers want to develop telekinesis and other higher skills such as telepathy. This is because they know they will use these powers in their lifetime. On an intuitive level they know we are shifting reality soon. A shift where this ability and others will be available to humans once again. This is linked to Poltergeist activity. The phenomenon where the mind of a teenager can move objects, such a throwing plates. The teenager may also show telepathic abilities.

Star children and telekinesis

Many of the ‘star children’ –those who remember that they are connected to other worlds and realities–will try to tap into their higher gifts. Patience is the name of the game. The planet is shifting into 4th dimensional frequency and you will soon get to use these powers. And hopefully be able to control them.

Can you teach me telekinesis?

For those who write to me and ask me to teach telekinesis, the following. It is not possible to do this by email. I am sorry that I can not be of help developing it. Personally I have only random telekinetic experiences.  They have to do with breaking objects, like pencils. Breaking, rather than bending them. I have tried seeing an object as the components of thousands of molecules. Secondly I then rearrange them. But it doesn’t work that way as I am still thinking with my physical mind. I know I have high energy and can control many things in my environment. This is the ability to work with electro-magnetic energies. Altering anything electrical is not that hard for me on the conscious level. I just raise my frequency and make the adjustment. If this causes something telekinetic to occur, it is quite by accident. And unfortunately not my conscious mind creating the reality.

Sit and stare?


If you are going to sit and stare at an object and ‘will it’ to move, bend, or break, it probably won’t! You can learn to tap into your higher levels of consciousness. To become ‘one’ with the object. All things are connected in the universe. Then see the object bend or move. Then you might be have some degree of success. This takes a trained, focused mind, which usually comes from years of meditation. It is done with your mind relaxed, raising your energy levels, then making the changes.


I have met only two natural telepaths who could do this at will. They no longer are on the Earth plane as that was 50 years ago when I went in search of telekinesis, as a Graduate Student in Psychology. I tried so hard to move a piece of paper! No way! I quickly learned that not all things are for all people. Subsequently went on to develop other psychic gifts that flow easily for me. Examples are communicating with spirits on the other side, time traveling, and remote viewing.

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