Teleportation account: From Manilla to Mexico City

Teleportation, or the ability to instantly transport an object or person from one location to another, is a common feature in science fiction stories and movies. However, this account from the 16th century might have some merit to it.


A double mystery in which a strange disappearance was immediately followed by an even stranger appearance. The scenario took place on October 24th 1593.

A strange account of teleportation. A soldier teleported from Manilla, the Phillippines to Mexico City, Mexico.

That day a soldier reported for duty as a palace sentinel in Manilla, the Phillippines. Until he realized he was no longer in Manilla but had mysteriously traveled  to Mexico-city or ended up there by means of teleportation. He was immediately noticed because of his different uniform. He was struck by amazement, naturally.

He claimed that he had received instructions to report to the palace in Manilla, he added to that the governor of the Phillippines was murdered the previous evening. The authorities ridiculed his story and captured him, two months later news that fully confirmed his story reached Mexico.

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