The Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson abduction

Pascagoula, Mississippi 11 October 1973

Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson tried to catch fish from a pier at Shaupeter Shipyard on the Pascagoula River at Pascagoula, Mississippi. At about 7:00 p.m., they suddenly realized that something noisy landed behind them.

Calvin Parker, Charles Hickson and the UFO

A machine was making a buzzing noise. An oval-shaped object with a blue light on it manifested behind them. As they watched, a hatchway opened. Consequently three strange entities floated out. Hickson later said: “They didn’t have clothes. But they had feet shaped… it was more or less a round like thing on a leg, if you’d call it a leg…. Calvin done went hysterical on me.”

The aliens

Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson described the aliens as ghostlike and pale with wrinkled skin. Also, they had conical projections where nose and ears would normally be. Using crab-like pincers, two of the entities floated Hickson into the UFO. Calvin Parker had fainted, and was carried in by a third entity.

Inside the UFO

Thereafter, while inside the craft, Hickson could not move. Despite the fact that he remained conscious. A sort of medical examination followed, involving a device that resembled a big “eye”. After between twenty and forty minutes, he found himself back on the pier with Parker and the UFO was gone. They went to the sheriff’s office and reported the event.

Police investigation

A police investigation failed to crack Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson’s story. They passed a lie detector test. They were interviewed in the days after the event by Ufologists Dr. James Harder of APRO and Dr. Allen Hynek, both of whom vouched for their sincerity. Hickson later revealed that he had turned down a huge sum of money for a book and movie based on the experience. The case received national TV exposure, and Hickson appeared on the Dick Cavett Show and both were on the Mike Douglas Show. Subsequent investigation by Joe Esterhas of Rolling Stone uncovered some additional information.

A Police report of the creatures and craft, Hickson and Parker encountered at Pascagoula, Mississippi

The UFO landing site was in full view of two twenty-four hour toll booths, and neither operator saw anything. Also, the site was in range of security cameras from nearby Ingalls Shipyard, and the cameras showed nothing that night. Phil Klass reportedly found that the polygraph operator who gave Hickson his lie detector test was not certified and had not completed his training.

Mobile, Alabama 17 October 1973

Five days after the Pascagoula abduction, a man submitted the following report to the police. The man reported that his pickup truck was attacked. It was attacked by an object from the sky. Secondly, he was sucked inside a UFO where he was examined by six small entities. All this happened while driving on Interstate 10 between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. This is located just about sixty or seventy miles east of Pascagoula. 

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