The Dawning Of Reality

By John Hanson

“When investigating the UFO phenomena, I am always amazed at the courage displayed by the ordinary man and woman on the street who in the face of obvious ridicule and widespread skepticism, still make their sightings public knowing that society, will relegate their experience as secondary to the flickering screen, with what I suspect is dogged determination not to believe the real truth of the phenomena, which is of course, that UFOs are a reality of everyday life.” I never perceived in my wildest dreams that I too, would be witness to a strange object that appeared outside my window one evening. I am sorry to say that I felt considerable difficulty in being able to comprehend what the sighting meant to me personally, purely because I was unable to determine whether the UFO was a chance in a million sighting, or I had initiated a set of unknown factors that grouped together, formed the basis of a sighting?

Anyway judge for yourself:

At about 11p.m. Wednesday 14th June 1995, I was in the process of getting ready for bed, having just arrived home from speaking to a group of friends about UFOs. As I was about to get into bed, I looked out of the window and saw a silver grey, very bright, pear shaped object just hanging in the atmosphere some thirty feet away from the bedroom window, and that to the right of the object was a second ball of orange light, which was adjacent to the first and in front of an unlit bedroom window. I was mesmerized curious. Intrigued, but never frightened. I grabbed hold of my video camera, which for some strange reason I had taken out of its case downstairs, and began to film. As I was doing this, I could hear normal sounds in the distance, a train was snaking its way along the tracks and the church clock striking. The unbelievable part is that I woke up and no doubt the reader is chuckling to himself or herself, thinking that this was just a dream anyway.

I made my way downstairs and found the video camera empty. I thought somebody had taken it and then realized I must have left it at a friends house. I then made two telephone calls and established from those persons that this was not to be the case. (No pun intended). I went upstairs and saw the video camera on the floor by the side of the bed and then realized what it meant, so I ejected the tape and loaded it into the domestic VCR, confirming that it contained film of what I had seen! . Without doubt this was one of the strangest events that would ever happen to me in my life which defies any logical explanation, irrespective of the fact that one would concede there might well be a logical explanation. Eventually, the incident started to fade from my memory but the eternal question remained. ‘ Was there a significance to the UFO being seen, or was it a million to one chance that the sighting had taken place?

Some people have suggested that a highly charged emotional state provides the key to ‘link’ in with resident natural energies, which are to be found in both quartz crystals, minerals and acids, found in brick and stone, which act as a natural image storehouse for past events which come to life, commonly seen and interpreted as spirit entities and possibly (Ghosts). It would be easy to accept that, ultimately, science will provide us with a ready explanation for currently unexplained sightings of the paranormal kind.

We would accept that, although this may provide some of the answers, in particular the recreation of audio sounds stored in ‘chemical manner’ from the past, played in the ‘present’, we do not see any foreseeable answers to what is clearly, in our view, an undefinable paranormal UFO phenomena.

Down To Earth would like to thank john for sharing this personal experience with us. Also be on the look out for the release of John Hanson’s book which is due out for release on December of this year. The book sounds like it will be a fascinating insight into the stranger areas of UFO research, as he recalls peoples encounters with official looking characters who suddenly appear, after the sighting of a UFO, could these people be the Men in Black of the nineties? Down To Earth will keep you all informed, of the books release.

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