The Herbert Schirmer abduction


The case of Herbert Schirmer is one of these cases where the conscious account is hazy. At a later point hypnosis revealed details about the time between his sighting and the unexplained welt that was behind his ear. 

The sighting

Sgt. Herbert Schirmer was on patrol at 2:30 a.m. on 3 December, 1967 when he saw an object on the road ahead with a row of flickering lights. Believing the object to be a truck, he flashed his high beams at it.

When he did so, the object took off skyward at a high rate of speed. Schirmer returned to his station with a severe headache and an inexplicable red welt behind his ear.

He drank two steaming hot cups of coffee and logged the event: “Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not.”


Herbert Schirmer was hypnotized by Sprinkle, and more details came out. Hypnotic sessions revealed that he had followed the craft down a dirt road, where it had landed. He had tried to call for help, but his radio would not work. He found himself unable to draw his revolver or to drive away. The occupants of the craft came and took him aboard, and communicated with him through some form of mental telepathy.

Return visit

They told him that they would visit him twice more and that some day he would “see the universe”. They then gave him something similar to a post-hypnotic suggestion that he would forget the things he had seen, and returned him to his car. 

Herbert Schirmer was interviewed by the Condon Committee, but not much publicity was given to his experience.

This is a composite created by descriptions provided by Schirmer while being under hypnosis.

Lien craft as described by Herbert Schirmer

The alien craft as described by Herbert Schirmer.

An artist rendition of the alien encountered by Herbert Schirmer

Artist rendition created by descriptions provided by Schirmer while being under hypnosis.

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