The Hybrid Puzzle

According to some ufologists there is startling evidence to suggest that extra-terrestrials are conducting an alien/human hybridization program. But if this is really the case, what reasons can aliens have to conduct such a program?

Seeds of adduction

It is often reported in alleged alien abduction cases that sperm or eggs are taken from the abductees. Further to this there are, of course, the many Villa Boas type cases — people claiming to have been abducted and “made” to copulate with extra-terrestrials. In the Villa Boas case the Brazilian even claimed that after “seduction” the female alien patted her stomach and pointed upwards to the stars. This giving rise to the suggestion among many that the female alien was indicating the child resulting from intercourse would be born on another distant planet.

It‘s reports such as these which have caused many ufologists to reason that the abductors must be intent on some hybrid breeding program.

But if this is so, why would extra-terrestrials want to create hybrids?

Possible reasons to create human hybrids

Well, let us briefly explore a couple of ideas. Firstly, it’s always possible that the breeding program is being carried out for our benefit, to save us from ourselves, and that the alien/human hybrids are improved versions of us. For example, perhaps they are without the psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies so many humans unfortunately display. Perhaps the human hybrids are destined to be “planted” among us and work towards eradicating poverty and war. They could, in essence, be more spiritually advanced, in greater harmony with a cosmic ethical code for peace and understanding. In short, they could be less human and greater part alien.

It’s all a matter of personal opinion, of course, but for me this idea is just a little bit too New Age and too romantic. It does, in fact, bring to mind the Aetherius Society and their belief in Great Cosmic Masters like Jesus of Venus watching over us. Indeed, I can’t help but feel that this way of thinking is merely quasi-religious in origin. In brief, we undoubtedly occupy a troubled planet and some people feel a whole lot better about this fact if they generate a belief system which entails benevolent “Higher Powers”. In the case of the hybrid program the whole puzzle simply becomes, in the eyes of such people, merely another manifestation of “Guardian Angels” ensuring, although rather bizarrely, our ultimate safety and continuation.


Another idea possibly worth thinking about is that the extra-terrestrials are intent upon producing human/alien hybrids for purely selfish reasons. Perhaps they even intend an invasion of the earth and global colonization. Some ufologists believe, for instance, that there is evidence to suggest that certain aliens may be unable to live on earth and so are busy creating hybrids that are compatible to life here. Taken further, perhaps these hybrids will be deliberately programmed to be servile and susceptible, thus enabling their creators to wield the real power while they are used as mere puppets.

One point which could be argued here is that purpose built robots would do the job just as well. We suppose, after all, that the aliens are highly advanced in technological terms, would it not be less timely and messy to build legions of mechanized drones to exact requirements and let them invade instead? Something to perhaps think about perhaps.

Hybridization for Colonization?

Finally, here is another idea which, while basically encompassing the previous two, offers another reason for hybridization. It is the popular theory that aliens have been carrying out a hybridization program on earth for millions of years and they have no other motive than they are impelled by some force or other to colonize as many planets as possible. Perhaps hybridization and colonization of planets is their mission in life. Or else perhaps our visitors are simply the tools of other more highly advanced aliens with motives of their own.

Many books have been written in general support of this Von Daniken type theory, of course. And the evidence assembled by some of these people, especially when it is of the historical kind, is often very startling and, at the very least, thought provoking. In the book ‘Mankind, Child Of The Stars’, for instance, the authors, Max H. Flindt & Otto O. Binder, ask us to ponder on whether ancient hybridization could account for things like mankind’s unique sense of destiny, his insatiable curiosity and craving for religion.

Were giants real and hybrids?

Furthermore, they suggest that the giants and monster-men read about in the bible and in myths and legends could actually have been real and, in fact, the first abortive attempts at alien hybridization. They even suggest that a percentage of the 100,000 plus people who seemingly vanish from the earth each year may be “abducted” by extra-terrestrials in an effort to further the hybrid breeding program. Perhaps they suggest we are human hybrids ourselves and , out there among distant stars, we may have humanoid relatives.

In conclusion

As stated earlier, the data, especially of the historical kind, mounted up in support of this kind of theory is very startling. And to further presume that the reports of biosexual connotations in recent abduction cases could well be just further evidence for an ongoing breeding program, does not take a lot of doing. However, despite all this evidence nothing as yet been conclusively proved and the theory like the two before is still open to questions and detractors.

In this short time we have only talked about three possible reasons for the reported removal of sperm and eggs, sexual seduction, in alien abduction cases. I am sure there are many other ideas and theories floating around. I hope so because out of the wild wood of speculation the truth may one day emerge. However, perhaps we should also be ready to accept the possibility that we may never comprehend the actual motive behind all this. Perhaps we are not meant to. We use in these circumstances the only tool open to us – human logic. And we must always remember that we are, after all, dealing with extra-terrestrials here of unknown origin and ethics. Perhaps they use such lateral thought processes the real truth will always stay just beyond our reach.

Maybe, some might say, this is just as well.

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