The Travis Walton abduction


The story of Travis Walton is unique among abduction stories. Reason for this is that no less than five eyewitnesses saw the incident take place.. His abduction happened on the 5th of November 1975.  Nobody could find him despite many efforts. They could not find Travis Walton for five days. Here is what supposedly happened that day :

Travis’ curiosity

Travis and five of his colleagues drove home from their work in the Stitgraves National Park ( Arizona, US ) when they noticed a large UFO hovering over the trees, they reached a clearing and stopped the car to observe the object. Travis Walton decided at that moment to leave the car and started walking towards the UFO. When he got closer to the object a blue beam suddenly came out of the craft striking him at his chest and threw him to the ground. The five still in the car panicked at that sight and took off in their truck The men rushed towards the nearest town assuming Travis expired. Once they collected themselves they returned to the clearing, they searched for Travis’ body but could not find him. The colleagues informed the local authority but even a massive manhunt for his body wasn’t successful.

Back home

Five days later they found Travis Walton. They discovered him just a few miles from his home. Evidently disoriented and unable to recall what happened to him during the five days he was missing. Curious of what might have happened he decided to undergo hypnotic regression. When the therapist hypnotized Travis he recalled that the light beam hit him on the chest. While knocked out and taken aboard the craft, he found himself lying on some sort of table. He was surrounded by beings of about four feet tall with slender build and large black eyes. He recalled that the alien creatures operated on him. 

Afterwards he was permitted to explore the craft. For a while he wandered through the UFO, after that the aliens escorted him back to the operating table. They put some sort of mask over his face. The next thing he recalled was waking up on a sidewalk not knowing where he was.


Skeptics claim that Travis made up his story of his abduction in order to sell it to the media. They allege that he failed a lie detector test conducted by John McCarthy. Also,  his family has a history of reporting UFO sightings. These skeptics point out the fact that Travis had no physical marks of any kind to proof that aliens abducted him. Just like Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton firmly believes aliens abducted him.  Skeptics are still convinced that both stories are fabricated by the ‘victims’.

A picture from 1975 from Travis Walton and colleagues.

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