The Varginha Encounter: A Mystifying UFO Incident in Brazil


In the annals of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial folklore, few incidents have sparked as much intrigue and controversy as the Varginha UFO encounter in Brazil. Often likened to the infamous Roswell event in the United States, the Varginha incident, which unfolded in January 1996, has become a centerpiece of debate among UFO enthusiasts, skeptics, and researchers alike. This enigmatic episode, characterized by bizarre sightings, mysterious military involvement, and conflicting accounts, continues to challenge our understanding of what might lie beyond the familiar confines of our world.

A close-up map of Brazil showing the location of Varginha

The beginning

The incident began in the small town of Varginha, located in southern Brazil, setting the stage for a series of events that would later be dubbed as the Brazilian Roswell. It all started with the sighting of a UFO by a few local residents, quickly escalating with reports of strange, alien-like creatures encountered in various parts of the town. The narrative of the incident was further fueled by the tragic and mysterious death of Marco Eli Chereze, a young military policeman who was allegedly involved in the capture of one of these beings. His untimely death added a layer of darkness and complexity to an already bewildering story.

Emerging details

As details of the incident continued to unfold, the world turned its eyes to Varginha, captivated by the possibility of an actual close encounter with extraterrestrial beings. The incident not only left an indelible mark on the town but also ignited a global conversation about the existence of life beyond Earth. More than two decades later, the Varginha UFO incident remains a tantalizing enigma, a source of endless speculation and a touchstone for those who believe in the vast and mysterious possibilities of the universe.

The Incident Unfolds: A Town Altered Forever

In the tranquility of Varginha, a seemingly ordinary day in January 1996 was about to be transformed into an extraordinary chapter in the town’s history. The initial stirrings of the incident began innocuously enough – with local residents reporting a UFO sighting. This alone was enough to pique the interest of the small community, but what followed was beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. Soon, reports emerged of encounters with strange, alien-like creatures in different parts of the town. These accounts described beings unlike any known Earthly entity, sparking a mix of fear, curiosity, and disbelief among the townspeople.

Mysterious death

Photograph of Marco Eli CherezeOne of the most compelling and oft-discussed aspects of the Varginha incident was the mysterious death of Marco Eli Chereze, a young military policeman. According to reports, Chereze was involved in the capture of one of these unknown creatures. His subsequent death under unexplained circumstances added a grim and enigmatic facet to the unfolding drama. 


Rumors swirled about the cause of his death, with some speculating a connection to his alleged encounter with the alien being. This tragic element lent a somber tone to the events and heightened the sense of mystery surrounding the entire episode.

The story spreads 

As the story of the Varginha incident spread, it captured the imagination of not just the local community but also that of the wider world. People from all walks of life, ranging from UFO enthusiasts to staunch skeptics, found themselves drawn to this peculiar narrative. The mix of unexplained phenomena, the involvement of military personnel, and the tragic twist of Chereze’s death created a tapestry of intrigue that was hard to ignore. Each new report seemed to add another layer to the mystery, making the Varginha incident a topic of heated discussion and speculation.

In this atmosphere charged with wonder and apprehension, the small town of Varginha found itself at the epicenter of one of the most discussed and dissected UFO incidents of the era. The events of January 1996 would leave an indelible mark on the town and its residents, forever altering the course of its history and etching its name into the annals of UFO legend.

Eyewitness Accounts: The Heart of Varginha’s Mystery

The Varginha encounter’s intrigue was significantly heightened by the accounts of those who claimed to have witnessed the unearthly being. Among the first to report an encounter were three young girls, whose testimony would become a cornerstone of the Varginha narrative. They described encountering a creature near a vacant lot, which, in their eyes, bore the semblance of a demon. Its appearance was startlingly distinct: humanoid in shape, with oily, brown skin, and eyes that glowed a fiery red. The creature, they noted, seemed wobbly or unsteady, as if injured or ill, further adding to its otherworldly aura.

The three sisters at a later age that witnessed the alien creature in Varginha
A drawing of the creature based on the eyewitness accounts

Further complications

As word of this encounter spread, more residents came forward with their own accounts, painting a vivid picture of the strange events that had engulfed their town. These accounts varied in detail but shared common elements: sightings of bizarre creatures and unusual military activity. The story was further complicated by the testimony of Eric Lopes, partner of the late Marco Chereze, who was allegedly present during the capture of the creature. His consistent refusal to discuss the incident only served to deepen the mystery and fuel speculation.

Shaping public perception

The collective impact of these eyewitness accounts was profound. They not only formed the backbone of the Varginha UFO narrative but also played a pivotal role in shaping public perception of the event. The vividness and consistency of these accounts, set against the backdrop of a small, unassuming town, lent a sense of eerie credibility to the claims of extraterrestrial visitation. 


These testimonies, emerging from ordinary citizens, transformed the Varginha encounter from a fleeting oddity into a compelling case for the existence of something truly beyond the ordinary.


In the face of such extraordinary claims, the town of Varginha became a focal point for UFO researchers and the media, both national and international. The eyewitness accounts sparked a frenzy of interest, leading to numerous investigations, documentaries, and endless debates. 



The allure of the unknown, coupled with the human element of these personal stories, made the Varginha incident a subject of enduring fascination and controversy.

An artist rendition of he stranded alien fleeing to find shelter in the town of Varginha

The Creature Taken to the Hospital: A Turn Toward the Surreal

Amidst the escalating frenzy of the Varjinha incident, one of the most bizarre twists was the claim that an unidentified creature had been taken to a local hospital. According to various accounts, this creature, believed to be one of the extraterrestrial beings sighted in town, was observed at the hospital under unusual circumstances. Eyewitnesses described the presence of military, police, and government personnel, suggesting a coordinated effort to either assist or conceal the creature.



The hospital became a vortex of rumors and theories, with some claiming that the creature received medical attention in a high-security environment. This narrative was bolstered by reports of unusual activity in the area, including unmarked trucks and a heightened military presence. The implications of such a scenario were profound – if true, it would not only confirm the existence of extraterrestrial beings but also suggest a significant level of engagement between these beings and human authorities.


However, amidst the swirling rumors, concrete details were elusive. The hospital and military officials remained tight-lipped, offering no confirmation or denial of these extraordinary claims.


 This lack of official acknowledgment only fueled further speculation and debate among the public and UFO enthusiasts. The hospital incident, shrouded in secrecy and intrigue, became a critical piece of the Varjinha puzzle, a tantalizing yet elusive chapter in an already complex narrative

Military Involvement and Speculations

The Brazilian military’s involvement in the Varjinha incident added an intriguing dimension to the unfolding events. Their immediate response to the sightings and the alleged hospital incident raised many questions. The presence of military trucks, armed personnel, and the cordoning off of areas where sightings were reported were seen by many as an implicit acknowledgment of something extraordinary. This response was atypical for a rural Brazilian town, leading to widespread speculation about what the military might be hiding.


Conspiracy theories abounded, suggesting that the military was either collaborating with extraterrestrial beings or actively working to cover up their presence. The secretive nature of their operations, combined with the lack of official information, provided fertile ground for such theories. Some went as far as to suggest a global conspiracy, involving not just the Brazilian government but potentially other international powers.


However, skeptics argued that the military’s presence could have been merely coincidental or part of routine exercises, unrelated to any alleged extraterrestrial activity. The Brazilian military eventually released a report stating that their activities in Varjinha were part of regular training exercises, and the creature was actually a dwarf couple visiting the hospital. Despite this, the timing and the peculiar nature of the events continued to fuel doubts and questions among those who believed that the truth was still out there, hidden beneath layers of secrecy and government bureaucracy.

Skeptical Perspectives and Official Explanations

While the Varjinha incident was met with skepticism, it’s important to consider the context and the gravity of the eyewitness accounts. Critics highlighted the absence of tangible evidence and the inconsistencies in testimonies, yet these accounts came from varied and independent sources, adding a degree of credibility. Skepticism was further fueled by the official explanation that the creature was in fact a local man with disabilities, and the military’s presence was coincidental. However, for many, these explanations seemed too convenient, failing to fully account for the detailed descriptions and the profound impact these sightings had on the witnesses. The skepticism and official narratives, while offering plausible scenarios, have not completely dispelled the sense of mystery surrounding the Varjinha incident, leaving room for continued debate and exploration of this enigmatic event.


The Ongoing Debate and Legacy

More than two decades after the Varjinha incident, it remains a subject of intense debate and fascination. The refusal of key witnesses like Eric Lopes to publicly discuss the event only adds to its enigmatic allure. For UFO enthusiasts and researchers, Varjinha serves as a compelling case study in extraterrestrial encounters, while skeptics view it as a cautionary tale of misinterpretation and mass hysteria. Regardless of one’s stance, the incident has undeniably left an enduring impact on the town of Varjinha, transforming it into a symbol of the unexplained and a pilgrimage site for those seeking answers about the potential existence of life beyond Earth.

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