Unleash your powers with these telekinesis exercises

Here are a few exercises to help you unleash your powers and develop your telekinetic abilities.

Spoon bending 101

  1. Find utensil of choice
  2. Hold utensil in your hand / hands–however you are comfortable.
  3. Sit quietly–breathe comfortably–relax.
  4. Empty mind of all extra chattering and thoughts. Remember stay focused.
  5. With eyes closed–slowly rub your fingers tips over the surface of the object.
  6. Feel–don’t think about it–feel what the surface feels like. Get into the flow of molecules, atoms, energy.
  7. This may take a few attempts. You will begin to actual “feel” the energy.
  8. At that very moment when you feel it–you and the object as a blend of energy–just bend it! If you’ve done it correctly–it will bend!!!
  9. Remember NEVER apply force! You aren’t there to physically force it to bend. That’s not point of the exercise.
Unleash your powers: Picture of a very bent spoon by the art of telekinesis.

The Compass Exercise

Another way to unleash your powers is the compass exercise. Actually, it is something I still play around with every now and again. It is one of the easiest “tools” I know of that is accessible to just about anyone, and the are relatively inexpensive. Why a compass? Because the needle of the compass kind of floats and offers the least amount of surface friction and resistance.

Unleash your powers

1. Place the compass flatly on a stable surface. It doesn’t matter what direction the needle is pointing in—I had someone ask me that once. This is an exercise about clockwise, hopefully. Though, there were those times I do get it moving counter clock wise. I’m not sure why that is really. It happened in the lab when I was involved in erasing static or “white” noise off of cassette tapes. That was part of an experiment–we had to extend the tones or beats on a tape. Lets say in a normal range there may be 10 signals in a 10 second span, my job, as well as the others who were participating, was to extend the signals so that there were more in that same span. It worked, but every once in awhile I seemed to shorten them instead. But that’s a whole other story. Just remember to try for clockwise direction of the needle.

2. This method is the HAND method. Place one or both hands about 1 inch or 2 inches above the compass. Close your eyes, but if you close your eyes you’ll need a spotter to watch the needle for you.

I suppose you could record yourself and check the recording later. Electronic gadgets! I love them! Next, DON”T THINK anything! Just relax holding your hand above the compass an have a knowing resolve of what you are there to do, then just allow the neural network in your brain to do what it knows how to do. Be mindful, however, of why you are there doing what you are doing, just don’t think about it, that’s all. You are not suppose to be engaging the cognitive part of your brain. You may or may not feel the energy surge through your arms and fingers. I usually do. Sometimes, my hair statics out and I look like I’ve been frightened or about to be hit by lightning. If that isn’t a sight!! That’s all there is to this exercise. Simple, easy and to the point. Your goal and only goal at this juncture is to get the needle to move.

A word of CAUTION. Don’t use an expensive compass, as usually this exercise winds up ruining it to work as an actual compass again. This energy will alter certain structures.

Why Can’t I get Things To Slide or Lift?

Remember, there are laws governing these principles. We may not understand or even be cognizant of them, but they are there and they do work!!

One of the reasons it is so difficult to get things to lift or slide has to do with friction, resistance, etc. Okay, consider this. You are trying to get a bowl to slide across the counter.. Ask yourself about the dynamics involved here. Do you realize just how much energy it takes to perform that event?

A lot!! It’s harder than bending a spoon or fork! Why? Because you are deal with things like horizontal distances between the objects center of mass, the point of contact to the surfaces. Friction, remember? It’s actually, easier to levitate (lift) it than drag it. Remember, that you want to unleash your powers and start with easier things first, then if you find you have an ability—graduate to other things. I’d love to be able to do what Matilda could do. Anyone seen that movie? She had everything dancing about in the room!

Just remember – it IS possible!

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