What a coincidence!

What a coincidence one might say. And it’s true. Coincidences happen all the time. There are however coincidences that are that implausible, they seen to tear fishers into the fabric of time and space. However implausible, they did happen and are well documented. Below you can find a number of highly improbable situations. 

The duellist

Henri Tragne from Marseille fought five duels beween 1861 and 1878. The first four duels he won because his opponents dropped dead before bullets were even fired. The fifth duel he lost before his opponent could fire his gun.

Image of a duel
An unfortunate wedding. What a coincidence.

Unfortunate wedding

The 30th of May 1867 AD, the day of marriage of princess Maria del Pozzo della Cisterna and Amadeo, duke of Aosta, the son of the king of Italy was spoiled by the following events:

  • Her page hung himself.
  • The gatekeeper of the palace where the wedding took place, slit his throat.
  • The Colonel which led the wedding procession, collapsed because of a sun stroke.
  • The station manager got crushed beneath the wheels of the wedding train.
  • One of the kings advisors fell off his horse and died instantly.
  • The best man shot himself.

They led a short and unhappy life.

What a coincidence; History repeating?

A certain Claude Volbonne killed the french baron Rodemire de Tarazone In the year of 1872. 21 years earlier the father of the baron also was murdered by a man called Claude Volbonne.

They were not related.

The story of C. Wells

This was the man that busted the Monte Carlo casino bank. His didn’t just do it once, but three times in a row. He wasn’t a notorious gambler and he didn’t use a system. 


The first two times he did this by placing equal bets on either red or black, which he won almost every time. The third time,he won by placing his initial bet on No. 5 (odds: 35:1) 


Then he placed his original bet plus the winnings on No. 5 again, and again and again and again..(!). He was described as a quiet and pessimistic person. What a coincidence!

The story of C Wells

Baby Boom

Joseph Figlock was walking down a street in Detroit in the 1930’s when a baby fell from a window onto his head. A year later the same baby fell from the same window onto him…they both survived !!

What a coincidence. 2 Franz Richters suffering from pneumonia in the same hospital that grew up in the same region.


Franz Richter, a 19 year old volunteer in the Austrian Transport Corps following WW1 was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia. 


In the same hospital was another Franz Richter, also 19 years old, also suffering from pneumonia. 


He was also a volunteer in the Austrian Trans. Corps. Both were born in Silesia.

Bingham and Powell

Three men travelling by train in Peru one day found that they were the only people on the train. 


Introducing themselves, they found the first one’s surname was Bingham, the second’s was Powell and the third man’s name was Bingham Powell.

Bigham, Powell and Bingham-Powell met in a train in the 1930's. What a coincidence.
Bermuda Taxi Killer

Taxi killer

A man riding a moped was killed by a taxi driver in Bermuda in 1975, exactly a year after his brother had been killed by the same taxi driver in the same street carrying the same passenger ….and he was riding the same moped.

Tick Tack ….

An ornate clock belonging to King Louis XIV of France stopped at the precise time of his death, 7.45 A.M. on September 1, 1715.

It has never run since

Killer coat

Jabez Spicer was killed by two bullets in the attack on the federal arsenal at Springfield in 1787. At the time he was wearing the coat his brother Daniel was wearing when he too was killed by two bullets in 1784. 


The bullets that killed Jabez passed through the holes made by the bullets that had killed his Brother. What a coincidence!

The Coat that got two brothers shot with 2 bullet through the same holes. What a coincidence
The bullet that killed slowly. So unlikely but it happened anyway. What a coincidence

Slow bullet

In 1883 Henry Ziegland jilted his sweetheart, who then killed herself. Her Brother tried to avenge this by trying to kill Ziegland, but the bullet only grazed Ziegland and embedded itself into a tree. 


The brother believing he had killed Ziegland, then shot himself. In 1913 Ziegland was cutting down the tree with the bullet in it. Being a tough task he used dynamite which when it exploded sent the bullet through Zieglands head, killing him !!

Ruptured buddies

On a June night in 1930, police patrolman Allan Falby, from Texas, had a car crash and ruptured an artery in his leg. The bleeding was so severe that he would have died if it wasn’t for the intervention of a passer-by called Alfred Smith. He applied a tourniquet to Falby’s leg, and saved him. Five years later, when Falby was back on the beat, he was called to the scene of a car crash. 

There, he found a man with a ruptured artery in his leg. It was Alfred Smith, the same man who had rescued him before in identical circumstances.


There are enough weird theories surrounding President John F Kennedy to fill an entire bookshelf, but one of the more amusing is that he was connected to President Lincoln, by unusual coincidence. The first, and most simple observation, is that both the names Lincoln and Kennedy have 7 letters. 


While Lincoln was shot in a theatre, and his assassin ran to a warehouse, the opposite happened to Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald (if he was the assassin), shot from a warehouse and then ran to a theatre. Another coincidence is that President Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, while Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln. After their assassinations, both were replaced as President by men called Johnson.

Amazing similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy

Greenberry Hill

On the 26th November, 1911, three men were hanged at Greenberry Hill in London after being convicted of the murder of Sir Edmund Berry. Their names were Green, Berry and Hill.

The amazing synchronicity of Jules Verne's balloon crashing on TV while in real life a hot air balloon crashed as well. What a coincidence

Reality TV

As the inhabitants of Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire, were watching a scene in the film Around the World in 80 Days, where a hot air balloon was about to take off, their TV sets went off due to a power cut. Nearby, power lines had been damaged. A hot air balloon had crashed into them.

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